F.A.Q's - Glass Polishing

A few of the questions we have been asked

Over the years we have heard many things about glass polishing or repairing scratched glass, so we thought we would share some of them with you.

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Scratched glass can not be repaired.

If a glazier tells you that scratched glass can be repaired, he is not going to sell you another piece of glass. We repair scratch damaged glass every day, providing our customers with distortion free repairs.

If a scratch catches a fingernail, it can not be repaired.

If some one tells you that something cannot be done, it usually means that they cannot do it. Our technicians can remove any scratch from any glass, including heavy graffiti scratching, acid etching and even weld and grind spatter.

You can not polish glass without causing distortion.

Until recently this was certainly true. The early Novas and Trizact systems required a very high skill level to produce results that could be classed as passable, but even then distortion was common. With todays glass polishing systems, mainly our own :) distortion free repairs are all we produce and should be all you expect.

Glass polishing weakens the glass.

The process of glass polishing neither weakens or strengthens the glass. By removing the scratch, we remove the strain the scratch places on the glass, recreating a structurally sound unit.

Glass is fluid and not solid.

I love this one. If you have any doubt about this, walk to your nearest window and bang your head against it. Fluid or solid?

Toothpaste can remove scratched from glass.

If only this were true. One of our most expensive consumables is Cerium Oxide polishing compound. Cerium Oxide is also classed as a Rare Earth Mineral, which means that the cost will only go up. If we could replace this with toothpaste we would save alot of money.

Scratched specticles or eye glasses can be repaired

Yes they can, by a skilled optician and not by a glass polisher or someone with a D.I.Y. scratch repair kit. Opticle glass is a carefully manufactured lense. Don't do it.

Scratched mobile phone screens can be repaired

If you are going to attempt this, please be very carefull. Most mobile phone screens are not made from glass and the inside of a mobile phone does not react well to compound or water. We do not advise that you try it.

Glass Polishers make fantastic lovers

True. Absolutely true.

Are repairs to glass surfaces visible?

No Glass polishing or scratch repair cause no distortion or haze and restores glass to its original clarity.

What types of glass can be repaired with glass polishing services?

All types of glass can be repaired using glass polishing systems.  Toughened, Plate, Tempered, Float, Laminated, Mirrored, Coloured, Curved, Smart and even bullet proof glass can all be polished.  The only exception to this is glass that has been coated or filmed. This can not be polished without removing the coating or film.

How does reparing scratched glass help the environment?

By repairing scratch damaged glass, we cut the demand for un-necessary glass production, saving not only the resources used in manufacturing the glass, but also in the mining, refining and transportation of its raw components.

Glass polishing will not single handedly save the planet, but in an age in which we are all tasked with doing our bit for the environment, it helps, and that is all anyone can realistically be asked to do.