Acid Etching - 'Dabbing'

Types of damage to glass

Acid Etching is a different form of scratch graffiti that has started to become more commonplace over the last few years.  It is marked on glass using glass etching products, all of which contain acid.

These products are easily purchased from craft stores.  In most cases, the etching acid (containing Hydrofluoric acid and other harmful substances) is transferred into empty bingo dabbers and used in the same manner as a maker pen.  Once applied, it does not show immediately, but burns into the glass over a short period of time.  The longer the acid remains on the glass, the deeper it corrodes the glass.

If your shop front is subjected to acid etching, DO NOT touch the glass with your bare hands. Using rubber gloves and lots of warm, soapy water, wash the affected areas thoroughly.

Repair Solutions: for large areas or multiple units

It would be misleading to try and give a general cost of repair on a website as each scratched glass situation is different, but for large areas of scratched glass or for multiple units, our services offer genuine savings, often in excess of 80%, on the cost of replacing scratched windows and doors.

For areas greater than 32 sheets of A4 we would recommend you ask for a senior technician to visit your site to assess the works required and provide a written quote. We do not charge for site assessments.

The Cost Effective Option. On paper we are not the cheapest glass polishers on the market, but the reality is that we are proven to be at least 3 times quicker than our nearest competitor making us extremely cost effecitve and we are still the only glass polishing company in the UK able to guarantee distortion free repairs.

Repair Solutions: for small areas or single units

For smaller areas of 3 sheets of A4 or less, you might find that a D.I.Y Scratched Glass Repair Kit would be a more cost effective option for you. A product suitable to remove this type of damage can be found by following this link.

A quick note about D.I.Y Kits. There are a number of kits on the internet that claim to remove scratches from glass. Please be careful. Kits with just a felt pad and polishing compound will not remove anything other than very, very fine hairline scratches. The same can be said for kits containing 'Jewlers Rouge', polishing powder, usually pink, which you mix with water.

We have spent 3 years developing our D.I.Y Scratched Glass Repair Kits. They contain the same abrasives that our professional technicians use to acheive outstanding distortion free repairs on all types of glass, which is why any D.I.Y kit sold by The Scratched Glass Repair Company comes with a DOUBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.