Scratched Glass Repair Services

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Scratched Glass Repair


Construction Services

Cleaning scratches, scraper damage, weld and grind spatter, scaffold contact and mineral deposits. Any make-up of glass, any depth

All technicians carry valid C.S.C.S. cards, are I.P.A.F. trained (1b,3a,3b) are equipped with full P.P.E. and for working in either 110v & 240v

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Scratched Graffiti Removal

Graffiti scratches, scratchitti, acid etching, tags, and key scratches on all types of shop front windows and doors.

Your shop front glass can be restored to its original clarity without causing any distruption to you, your customers or your staff.

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Damage Assessment Reports

As scratch damage to glass becomes an ever increasing problem for contractors, so to does the issue of meeting the cost of repair. Counter charging within the construction industry is now standard, but that brings with it many more issues in proving culpability.

If you have need to prove, disprove or identify liability in the cause of scratch damage to glass, The Glass Polishing Company can help.

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Scratched Glass Repair Training

We offer a range of scratched glass repair courses designed to suit different needs and skill requirements.

From a simple no frills introduction to repairing scratched glass to full professional glass polisher training and business support .

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