Graffiti Scratched Glass on the high street

Scratched glass can be repaired

The most common cause of scratch damage on today's high street is graffiti scratching and acid etching on shop front windows and doors

As a business professional, you know how important your window displays are to creating the all important warm and inviting first impression.

We can remove scratch graffiti from your shop front glass for as little as £130.

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians, quickly and safely repair 100% of the graffiti scratch damage they are called to attend and will restore your shop front glass to its original clarity leaving no distortion or haze and our services cause no disruption to you, your business, your customers or your staff.

Graffiti scratching or etching, is a form of graffiti using a sharp object to scratch metal, plastic and most commonly glass.  Unlike graffiti using paint and marker pens, etching, often referred to as 'scratchitti' or 'tagging' can not be cleaned off using traditional methods.  Its results are intended to be permanent. 

In the UK, most graffiti scratching is in the form of 'tagging' where the 'artist' as they like to think of themselves, scratch their tag into the glass.  A tag is supposed to be unique to the tagger and serves as calling card, or a form of marking territory.

Acid Etching is a different form of scratch graffiti that has started to become more commonplace over the last few years.  It is marked on glass using glass etching products, all of which contain acid.

These products are easily purchased from craft stores.  In most cases, the etching acid (containing Hydrofluoric acid and other harmful substances) is transferred into empty bingo dabbers and used in the same manner as a maker pen.  Once applied, it does not show immediately, but burns into the glass over a short period of time.  The longer the acid remains on the glass, the deeper it corrodes the glass.

If your shop front is subjected to acid etching, DO NOT touch the glass with your bare hands. Using rubber gloves and lots of warm, soapy water, wash the affected areas thoroughly.

 A few words of caution;

A very common reaction to finding scratch graffiti on your shop front is to think 'Why bother getting it repaired, it will only happen again!'

This is understandable, but consider this.  A tag is a calling card, which to another tagger, represents a challenge to be bigger and better than the original.  This results in two tags on your glass, two calling cards, two challenges and so on.  This might sound extreme, but unfortunately this is how it works.  We have seen countless examples of shop fronts damaged by one small tag and within a couple of weeks the entire shop front has been covered with tags, completely ruining the image of the business and deterring custom.

Our clients have found that it is far more beneficial to their businesses to repair the damage and employ deterrents to deter repeat graffiti scratching from occurring again.

Be careful - if you see someone scratching your glass, please think about what they are using to scratch it.  Very often it is a knife, screwdriver, box cutter or set of keys and with today's knife culture, attempting to apprehend the culprits may not be the safest course of action.