Construction Services - Scratched Glass Repair

For Construction

The most common causes of scratch damage on a construction or commercial development are careless cleaning, render removal or careless decorating.

These types of scratch damage can be repaired quickly, safely and for much less than the cost of fitting replacement units.

Besides offering savings often in excess of 80% of the cost of replacement, our services provide solutions to projects on tight deadlines, that may otherwise experience lengthy lead-times for replacement glass units to be manufactured, processed and delivered to site.  What's more, unlike replacing window units, no additional after-trades, such as decorators are required.

The standard of our work is Guaranteed to exceed the Standard of Visual Quality for the Repair of Installed Flat Glass as set out by The Guild of Glass Polishers.

"We have been doing this long enough to know that our job is to get your project through sign off, as quickly and cheaply as possible, with minimum fuss and distruption. That is exactly what we do and we are very good at it."

All of our technicians are C.I.T.B. registered and carry valid C.S.C.S. cards, meaning that they are trained and qualified to operate safely within your working environment.

As working platforms or M.E.W.P.S. are often required to access working areas on construction sites, our technicians are also I.P.A.F. trained and qualified, saving you the additional cost of providing qualified M.E.W.P. operators.

Each technician is equipped with full P.P.E. and equipment for working with either 110v or 240v, depending on your site specifications.

Our technicians also carry full risk assessments and method statement relating to their working on your site. These are prepared by senior technicians who will have visited your site previously to undertake the initial assessment of works.  For your peace of mind, our insurance documents are available to view online

For free advice, free estimate or free site visit call our customer service team today, even the phone call is free!

Your first 3 questions

Can it be repaired?

99.9% of the time, the answer is yes.

How much will it cost?

It's dificult to give a price on a website, however if you find your scratch type here - we have given a cost of repair guide.

When can you be here?

As a rule, we can be on site within 72 hours of recieving your authorisation paperwork. Over water or European contracts may need a little more lead-time, subject to travel and permit submition.