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A breakdow of our scratched glass repair service
Construction Services
Scratched glass repair services specifically for the construction industry
Graffiti Scratch Removal
Scratched graffiti removal services for shop fronts windows and doors
Danage Assessment Reports
Our experienced technicians can show you how your scratch damage has occured
Scratched Glass Repair Training
A discription of our scratched glass repair training courses
Scratched Glass Repair Training - Just the basics
A one day training course covering the basics of scratched glass repair
Scratched Glass Repair Training - Add on Services
A two day course designed for those wishing to add scratched glass repair services to their business
Scratched Glass Repair Training -   Business Start-Up Opportunities 
For those wishing to start their own glass polishing business, this is the perfect scratched glass repair training course

Do It Yourself Scratched Glass Repair Kits
Our range of DIY scratched glass repair kits can be found here

Scratch Types
A discription of different types of scratch damage to glass and posiible repair solutions
Cleaning Scratches - Trowel
For glass scratched by heavy metal edged tools such as the removal of render from glass
Cleaning Scratches - Scraper
For glass scratched by scraping tools during the cleaning of windows
Scratched Graffiti
For graffiti scratched glass and solutions for its removal
Abrasive Pad Scratches - Brillo
For glass scratched by the use of abrasive pads and solutions for its repair.
Acid Etching - Dabbing
For glass damaged by acid etching and how to remove it
Weld and Grind Damage - Spatter
For glass damage by weld or grind spatter and solutions for its repair
Hard Water Stains - Mineral
For glass stained by mineral deposits and how to remove it
Sand Paper Scratches
For glass damaged by sand paper and possible repair solutions
Contact Scratches
For the removal of contact scratches from glass

Frequently Asked Questions
A few of the questions about scratched glass repair that we have been asked over the years
What is Glass Polishing?
A brief discription about glass polishing
F.A.Q - Scratched Glass Repair
Frequently asked question about the repair of scratched glass
F.A.Q - Our Training
Frequently asked question about our scratched glass repair training courses
F.A.Q - The Environment
How repairing scratched glass is good for the environment
About Us
About The Glass Polishing Company, our staff and technicians

Quick Quote
Get a quick online quote for your scratched glass repair
Quick Quote for Construction
Quick online quote for scratched glass repair on construction sites
Quick Quote for Scratch Graffiti
Quick online quote for the removal of graffiti scratches
Quick Quote for Residential
Quick online quote for scratched glass repair on single residential properies

Case Studies
Example of our scratched glass repairs
Thrown to the lions - ZSL
Repairing scratched glass on the lion enclosure at Wipsnade Zoo
Colmore Row - Birmingham
Repairing scratched glass on a prestigous new office development in Birmingham
Trinity College - Cambridge
Repairing a glass bar top in Cambridge
Skipton Building Society - Yorkshire
Repairing scratched glass across 5 levels in Skipton

The Guild of Glass Polishers
Details about our membership and support of The Guild of Glass Polishers

Contact Us
Contact details for The Scratched Glass Repair Company

Standards of Visual Quality for the repair of installed flat glass
A new and relevant industry standard for the viewing of repaired scratched glass

Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy for the use of our websites

Conditions of Service

Terms and conditions for our scratched glass repair services

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